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Everything you need to know about IR35

WEBINAR - IR35: What your company needs to know

31 January 2021

IN-SYNC Group will be hosting Industry expert Alex Baines to demystify the upcoming changes to IR35. If you are unsure of how these changes will impact your business then Alex will help you understand exactly what you need to do. 

UK political parties pledge IR35 review

06 December 2019

The general election fast approaching. Self-employment has been high on the agenda, with several key political figures suggesting a review of off-payroll rules may well be on the horizon.

IR35 confusion could only get worse according to IPSE

09 October 2019

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has been at the heart of an HMRC crackdown as almost 1,500 self-employed contractors are accused of being “disguised employees” under new IR35 rules. IPSE, one of the UK’s leading associations for self-employed, has warned that this confusion is “only a taste of things to come”.

Here's what you need to know about the UK's ULEZ scheme

19 August 2019

London has suffered illegal levels of air pollution for many years, having been at the heart of the Industrial Revolution and a centre for innovation through the centuries. The pollution will continue to be a problem if something isn’t done about it. This is why the ULEZ scheme was introduced.

Guaranteed: IR35 is bound to impact your business

08 July 2019

The Chancellor has today unveiled the draft Finance Bill which implements a number of important tax policies; including the much-anticipated rollout of IR35 reform to the private sector.

Here's why you need to know about the EU settlement scheme...

08 July 2019

For those looking to stay in the UK after Brexit, the 'EU settlement scheme' was introduced. If some or all of your workforce comes from overseas, it's something you should definitely be aware of.  So, what is the scheme about and what does it mean for you and your business?

Everything you need to know about IR35

25 June 2019

Whether you're an employer, an employee, a contractor or sole trader, understanding the changes coming in relation to IR35 are very important. We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions when it comes to IR35, along with the consequences of getting it wrong!

Self-employed van ownership sees a steep increase in the UK

05 January 2019

The logistics sector is booming and, with the growth of online shopping, the number of vans on UK roads has sky-rocketed. Find out how IN-SYNC Credit Services can help you get the van you need to cash in on the home delivery boom.

Top 7 Reasons to Outsource

26 October 2018

A hotly debated topic, outsourcing can have a direct impact on a company's top and bottom line and have become key components of defining how successful enterprises are run.

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