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“IN-SYNC makes sure that every driver is HMRC compliant”

Mike Nickson, Director RED

Roberts Express Delivery Ltd

How can IN-SYNC help RED Express Delivery be compliant in an ever-challenging logistics market?

Mike Nickson, Director at RED, wanted to make sure his business was compliant and effectively engaging drivers to improve their relationship. We looked at which financial services RED were using, and which financial services IN-SYNC could offer to make sure RED is compliant and remove the risks associated with the engagement of sub-contractors

Over a couple of months, IN-SYNC registered RED drivers to VAT and Payment Services. We also offered the drivers the opportunity to get a van with our self-employed van finance program. So far, a large group of drivers have taken this opportunity and are now the proud owners of their own vans.  

Alongside these services, we've provided bespoke invoicing, to make sure it is in line with RED's standards. We've also advised PAYE employees to make a move to self-employment. We organised workshops to guarantee they understood their new self-employed status and helped them register with HMRC. 

The relationship is ongoing. Both RED and IN-SYNC continue working together to make sure RED and the drivers they engage are protected, compliant and qualified as self-employed drivers supplying commercial services.

Hear what Mike Nickson has to say about this partnership in the video below.

Seeing RED

We asked Mike Nickson, Director of Red Express Delivery, to talk about Red's partnership with the IN-SYNC Group. Watch this testimonial to find out what expert advice and support we can provide to your business.

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“We have a lot of self-employed EU drivers who we engage. IN-SYNC offers translated web forms that drivers can easily access, so there are no language barriers that we come across.”
Mike Nickson - Director RED

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We asked Mike Nickson, Director of Red Express Delivery, to talk about Red's partnership with the IN-SYNC Group.

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