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Speed up your business with Accelerator from IN-SYNC

We’re proud to offer credit to select businesses, which can help them free up cashflow and grow.


How it works

We'll support your business with credit based on the services your drivers take up through us. 

For each driver engaged and VAT registered by us for a minimum of four weeks, we'll provide £500 credit. 

It gets better. For every driver who has van finance through us, we'll provide a further £1,500 credit


Credit limits

We offer a 'floating' credit limit, which is adjusted monthly, based on the previous month's figures. 

At the end of every month, a new credit limit will be given to you for the upcoming month. This will be managed by the IN-SYNC Group accounts department. 

The limit will be for a maximum of 7 days. 



Any credit we provide is specifically to help businesses increase driver and van numbers by helping them to provide deposits to van rental companies. 

To qualify for Accelerator, there are a number of conditions that must be fulfilled. 

The driver must: 

  • Be compliantly self-employed and engaged by IN-SYNC Outsourcing
  • IN-SYNC Tax must be the Tax agent for Tax and VAT
  • Pass the VAT status test and be registered for VAT with IN-SYNC Tax

Drivers who complete eight weeks of work will be eligible for the IN-SYNC van finance programme, which provides funding for their own vans. 

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