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Switch to an owner driver fleet and reduce your running costs

✓ Reduced risk 
✓ Less administration
✓ Lower costs
✓ More efficient operation

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The self-employed solution

When it comes to fulfilling last-mile deliveries, carriers are under more pressure than ever. Engaging a self-employed driver workforce is a way to reduce unplanned risks that could impact your bottom line.

Removing the barriers

The problem:

It's hard for people to become self-employed drivers. Getting credit to buy a new van is hard, and carriers are forced to foot the bill by building a fleet or asking drivers to rent their own vans. 

The solution:

We introduced self-employed van funding specifically for professional drivers to help them buy their own vans and help you keep your costs as consistent and predictable as possible. 

Improve driver retention

Renting a van can cost upwards of £200 per week, which makes a big dent in your driver's back pocket. If they see less of their profits, they might look elsewhere for work. 

With our self-employed van finance solution, your self-employed drivers can expect to reduce their weekly payments and own an asset at the end of the term. 

Combine the savings they'll make on van costs with the additional revenue benefits they'll get through the other IN-SYNC services when drivers sign up, and they'll be better off and less likely to move on. 

Unique van financing

Made for the self-employed

The way we underwrite for the self-employed is completely unique.

Our in-house team of experts will, with your operative take time to understand their personal circumstances and get the best deal for them.

We look at far more than just their credit rating. Most lenders take a two-dimensional approach which doesn't work for the self-employed at all. That's why we introduced self-employed van finance. 


Speed up your business with

Accelerator from IN-SYNC

We're proud to offer credit to select businesses, which can help them free up cash flow and grow. 

The amount of credit available is linked to the IN-SYNC Group services your operatives take.

The more you work with us, the more support we'll give you in growing your business. 

Working with the best in the business

We're incredibly selective about the businesses we partner up with to bring you the services we offer. 

Every partner goes through stringent checks to ensure they support the high level of customer service and attention that we expect. 


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