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✓ Protect your business from employment tribunals
✓ Avoid costly worker status challenges 
✓ Maintain subcontractor quality standards
✓ Mitigate potential business and project risks 

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The self-employed solution

We specialise in the contractor market and focus on helping businesses recognise, advise and reduce any financial risks that might come up. 

With our experience across a range of sectors, we're able to give you regular, relevant and reliable advice that'll help you increase your bottom-line profits. 

Managing employment status the right way

There are so many benefits to your business of using a flexible workforce. But with it, there can come several compliance issues that, if left unmanaged, could cause your business problems in the future. 

Employment tribunals are becoming more and more common and without the latest advice and guidance, could leave your business exposed. 

With the extension of IR35 due to reach the private sector in April 2020, many businesses are moving their subcontractors from personal service companies (PSCs) to genuinely self-employed models. 

We can help with all of the above.  

Maintaining a consistently high standard of work

Ensuring your subcontractors deliver the high quality of work you expect can be difficult. 

Our retention management process helps to make sure your subcontractors complete their work correctly, as well as helping you to streamline any related processes. 

Now and then, you might find that work isn't carried out in the right way. We'll keep you on the right side of the law. 

At the end of any operatives' defect period, we'll prepare a schedule of retention to be released to you and, if there are any outstanding defects or issues, we'll ensure the retention is released accordingly. 

Technology that makes your life easier

We’ve got a range of digital tools to help you manage your business smarter than ever:

✓ IN-SYNC Luna | Manage your finances online
✓ Open Banking | Integrate your bank account

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