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Engaging self-employed subbies can put you at risk with HMRC

IN-SYNC can eliminate this risk and take care of all of your CIS management requirements. Whether you fall inside or outside of the DRC, IN-SYNC has a solution for its clients

Protect your business from the risk of using subcontractors

Our role in the supply chain is to remove the risk of employment status challenges that can come with engaging subcontractors.

Maximum take home pay for your subcontractors

Improve retention and reinforce employment status with our tax and VAT management services by helping your subcontractors take home every penny they’re entitled to.

  • No upfront fees for your operatives
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Multi-lingual support

Helping you assess Supervision, Direction & Control

Supervision, Direction and Control (SDC) is a method of working out the employment status of somebody following HMRC guidance.

It was introduced in April 2016 following a consultation on the Onshore Employment Intermediaries legislation – Otherwise known as 'false self-employment'. 

We can help you assess your workforce and understand whether you're exposed to the potential risks that self-employment presents.

Risk & Compliance

As specialists in the contractor market, we recognise, advise and reduce the financial risks that might impact your business, so you can have the freedom to focus on increasing your bottom-line profits. 

We'll put together a risk register and rank the potential impact. This will help you to make smart decisions about how to deal with them. 

Our strict underwriting policy, combined with our insurance-backed underwriting guarantee, will help you to mitigate any potential risks. 

Easy onboarding for your subcontractors

We'll provide all the dual-branded marketing material and personnel to support the continued communications. 

All IN-SYNC documents are completed electronically. On average, we sign up your operatives in 4 minutes. 

Working in a way that suits your operatives...

A real-time view of data

Your operatives will have 24/7 access to their live financial data through IN-SYNC Luna

They'll be able to log their expenses, manage their income and forecast their potential tax and VAT liabilities or refunds.