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Tax & VAT Management

✓ Improve subcontractor retention
✓ Reinforce employment status
✓ Increase subcontractor take-home pay 
✓ Fully managed service

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Expert accountancy services for your subcontractors

You can improve and reinforce subcontractor retention with our expert Tax and VAT management services that help them take home every penny they've earned. 

Maintain compliance

Maintain compliance

We'll carry out all the appropriate Supervision, Direction and Control (SDC) checks 

Maximise retention

Maximise retention

Help your subcontractors maximise take-home pay so they won't look elsewhere

Leave it to us

Leave it to us

We'll take care of everything, so you can focus on running your business

VAT management

Lots of people are nervous about becoming VAT registered. VAT registration is a great way of improving your operatives' cashflow, and their backdated and ongoing VAT refunds could significantly increase their take-home pay. 

We'll even offer VAT refund advances which can be paid out within 24 hours through our Group company, IN-SYNC Factoring. 

Tax Management

We're experts in tax management and can help your operatives maintain compliance by support with their annual Self Assessment. 

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) tax refunds
If your operatives are registered for the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), then their deductions will mostly be taken at source.

With our highly experienced team, we'll help them understand precisely what they can reclaim as allowable expenses, to claim the refund at the end of the year that they're entitled to. 

Self Assessment Tax Return
At the end of the year, your operatives are required to carry out a Self Assessment. Our process helps them make sure they're paying the right amount of tax and reinforces their employment status. 

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