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Perfect for the logistics industry

Perfect for the logistics industry

Specialist advice and guidance built around supporting professional drivers 

Increase your take-home pay

Increase your take-home pay

Calculate out how much you could be entitled to in minutes with help from our team of in-house experts

Helping you take home more of the money you've worked hard for

Life as a professional driver is tough, we get it.

Long hours, hundreds of drops and high running costs are all part and parcel of the industry. 

We've developed our services to help you take home as much of your money as possible by working as tax-efficiently as you can and helping you reclaim every penny you're entitled to. 

When it comes to helping you with your finances, we deliver.

Are you missing out on potential take-home pay? You'd be amazed how many professional drivers are. 

We can help you 

Want to take home more of your hard-earned money?

You won't believe how much better off you'll be with IN-SYNC by your side. 

"I couldn't believe how much money I'd been missing out on before I worked with IN-SYNC. They helped me reclaim £8k worth of VAT"
Ross' Story

Ross reclaimed more than £8k with our help

Ross gave us a call in 2018 because he'd heard about voluntary VAT registration and thought it might be a good idea.

We ran through his income and, even though he didn't earn more than the £85k VAT threshold, we helped him register with HMRC and get back four years' worth of unclaimed VAT that he was entitled to.