CIS Tax Advances

Early access to your next CIS refund

✓ Get some or all of your money early
✓ No more waiting for HMRC
✓ We complete your tax return 

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Why wait for your tax rebate?

If you're registered on the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), we can help you get next year's tax refund early with an advance.

Get your money in 24 hours

Our CIS advance service means you can access to some or all or your next CIS tax refund without having to wait for HMRC to pay out.

The amount we can give you as an advance increases as you complete more work.

We'll keep in touch throughout the year, so you'll always know exactly where you stand. 

Your Tax return taken care of

We'll take care of your CIS tax return so you can get your CIS tax refund early with an advance through IN-SYNC Factoring. 

"Top service, the charge is slightly more than my last accountant but they get so much more on my return it's the best thing I've done switching to IN-SYNC"

Patrick, CIS Backed Advance

Why register through IN-SYNC?

We've helped more than 53,000 sole traders across the UK manage their finances

One fixed price for full sole trader registration

Yearly tax return submissions by your dedicated tax expert

Tax investigation cover in the event of HMRC investigation

Tax refunds when you need them.

CIS backed advances are just the start
Using IN-SYNC Tax to manage your business finances unlocks a whole host of benefits. CIS refund advances are a result of our fully managed service. 

From handling payments to unlocking additional revenue through the flat rate scheme and helping you get access to van finance. The IN-SYNC Group takes the hassle of accountancy management and uses your unique circumstances to help improve your finances.

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